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NIC Expands Online Design Tool Library

Now you can view and build interactive designs with NIC's Performance Passives.

As a leader in passive component technology, NIC Components continues to expand and add new online design tools for ease of use in component selection and circuit design.

These tools offer quick results in selecting the best passive components for your designs and immediate shipment of the samples you need, when you need them.

With DesignExpress NIC Components has expanded component selection flexibility to DesignKITS with interactive reference designs. Users can now select from the NIC DesignKIT library or create their own design from scratch. Both methods allow design customization within a schematic editor, allow sharing within a cloud-based environment and allows exporting of your final designs and bill of materials to distributor online checkouts, PDF formats and CAD design files.

Visit today to register and begin designing with NIC Performance Passives.

NIC Benefits with Interactive Reference Designs:
   ✓ Browse the NIC DesignKIT Library of Reference Design or start a design from scratch
   ✓ Add Components to Your Design from an Extensive Component Library
   ✓ Modify and Save to Create Your Own Final Schematic and Bill of Materials
   ✓ Share Your Designs and Collaborate in the Cloud or Export to PDF and CAD File Types
   ✓ Export Schematic and Bill of Materials to NIC Distributors for Purchase

Use all NIC Design Tools to select and sample the latest Performance Passives!

NIC Components QuickBUILDER NIC Components QuickKIT
  • Parametric Search for NIC's Standard Offering
  • Instant Real-Time Results
  • Search by Component or Product Family and Control Your Results
  • View Individual Specifications
  • Compare Parts Side-By-Side
  • Get Stock & Sample Info
  • Build Custom Kits from Dedicated Stock
  • Select Today .... Ships Tomorrow
  • Exclusive Kits through Partnered Distributors
  • Get NIC Specifications and Technical Information through QuickBUILDER
  • Export and View with Interactive Reference Designs


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